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This is our flagship product that is used by hundreds of quad bike riders all over Australia and New Zealand. Your ready-to-install product is delivered within 7 days of placing your order!

NSW customers - please note a Rebate of $600 is available for the purchase of the ATV LIFEGUARD.


Watch 3 videos where ATV Lifeguards have been featured in Australia-wide news.

ATV Lifeguards – The revolutionary new quad bike rider Crush Protection Device.

Flexible & Passive

Designed to provide comfort in the event of an accident. The guard, whilst strong, is also forgiving.

High quality alloy frame

The frame has been brutally tested and has withstood punishment from all angles.

Easy To Install

Delivered with full installation instructions, installation usually takes around 15 minutes.

Might save your life!

Let’s not forget the most important feature – it can save your life!

See what our previous customers have had to say about the ATV Lifeguard…

“Well I have had my first experience rolling a quad bike. I have installed your life saver roll bar for just over 1 month now. I had my mother bring over the roll bar at the start of February 2013 which I hear would have been the very first sold. I have a 500cc Honda quad which I bought last year and have had for around 5 months and it has already done around 4000km, as the farm I own and lease is large we use the quad all day every day. I never experienced […]

A Bryan

When the Lifeguard came to the market at the beginning of 2013, I knew I needed one.. As I ride a Quad Bike a lot, for hunting and general recreation, I have had many close shaves, and knew that one day it could be a bit more than just close shave.. After installing it at the end of January 13, the Lifeguard has more than paid itself off. I’ve had a number of slow unexpected rollovers on terrain that wasn’t very steep at all, and although the Lifeguard didn’t hit me, it stopped my bike […]


Government Rebates Available in NSW

Government Rebates for Quad Bike Roll Bars are currently available in New South Wales. The rebate is $500 per unit for a maximum of 2 units. Please see the links below for information regarding applying for these rebates.

Remember To Ride With Care

ATV Lifeguards – The revolutionary new quad bike rider Crush Protection Device.

The “Lifeguards” is a segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider. It is designed to hold up a Quad in excess of 350kg and can be simply mounted to the rear carrier. Special tests by Landcorp NZ and IRL have established it does not significantly alter the stability of the Quad.

The ATV LIFEGUARDS are passive, flexible and yielding, instead of hard and rigid. The segmented construction is a new concept and has the ability to deflect around a person’s body, limbs or head on impact. It cannot collapse or flatten and will support a quad off the ground and help to provide crush protection for the rider.

Flexible Roll Bar will limit impact, but cannot collapse.

The spring in the Roll Bar will help the Quad to bounce off you rather than squashing you.

Designed in an arc shape to deflect the weight.

Easily possible to push a Quad off from on top you. It’s possible to wriggle out from underneath an up-turned Quad arc shape assists rolling the Quad back onto its wheels.

The weight of the ATV is spread across you, and can support up to a weight of 500kg.

Lightweight design and arc shape allow you to roll the bike off you should you become trapped.

Designed to mould around you in the event of a rollover.

Segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider.

Designed and tested in Australasia.

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