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Important Worksafe QUAD Operators Guidelines

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Please contact your local Quad Bike training centre, or contact for a list of Australia wide training courses.

Would you trust your life with anything else?

Quad bikes are involved in approx. 28% of all work related farm deaths. Figures from MBIE indicated 850 people are seriously injured each year and 120 people have lost their lives. There are an estimated 220,000 quad bikes in Australia with 80% being used in rural industries.

“Quad bikes are the leading cause of death in Australian agriculture and a significant contributor to injuries, with half of these related to the bike rolling over.”

Quad Bike Safety – 2012.

In 2012, the Health and Safety Aus/NZ/USA concluded that the manufacturers’ decision to oppose CBDs (Roll Bars) has been demonstrated and established now to be invalid and recommended that Roll Bars be installed on all Quad Bikes as the danger of not having one installed and the chances of serious injury or death are clear and tragic.

Further information and press releases relating to Quad Bike safety can be found on the FarmSafe Australia website at:

The Facts

28% of work-related Farm Deaths involve Quad Bikes

850 people are seriously injured each year on Quad Bikes

120 people have lost their lives in Quad Bike accidents.

ATV LifeguardsĀ® – Testings

Numerous tests have been undertaken to an audited procedure:

Crush and Weight Test No. 410B

Multiple Roll Carrier Test No. 211B

Stability, Point of Tip No. 179A

Crash Impact on to Concrete Test No. 110A

Individual Components No. 212I

On Farm Practical Operation – In Progress

Industrial Research NZ Testing to Establish Conformity to the British Standard for Roll Bars BS150-12003-286/298 EEC and AS163-2 (adapted for Quad Bikes) Test B5150

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