ATV roll bar protection saved Scott McKay’s life

A CATTLE farmer who crashed his ATV and walked away unscathed has described crush protection as his “insurance policy”. Scott McKay rolled his ATV while travelling along a bitumen road at just 20km/h and said his lucky escape was due to a roll bar fitted to his ATV. He swerved to miss a car and the ATV tipped. “I am not sure that the ATV would have rolled right over without the crush protection, but I did walk away without a scratch on me,” Mr McKay said of the accident about six months ago. Click Here To Read Full Article

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WATCH: A local farmer says he's found the solution to riders being trapped under heavy, quad bike roll bars. It's flexible, allowing riders to crawl free, in the case of an accident. Watch the article on WIN News Toowoomba's Facebook page here.

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The upcoming NSW Budget will include a $2 million package to reduce quad bike tragedies and injuries on farms. Quad bikes are currently a leading cause of death on Australian properties with 220 deaths in the past 16 years with thousands more people seriously injured. SafeWork NSW has now developed a Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, due to commence in late July that will include a $2 million dollar rebate package to encourage and support farmers to adopt a range of harm prevention strategies to protect their workers, family members and themselves. Read the media release on the NSW Government [...]

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