The Product - ATV Lifeguard

ATV Lifeguard Refurbish Kit

Includes new set of Blocks & Replacement Cord.
Price: $355.00

Spare Hooks

One Piece hook ( each)
Price: $18.00

Lifeguard Mounting Kit – CAN AM

New Zinc Plated set of two brackets complete bolts ( Sandwich type) Read More...
Price: $143.00

Lifeguard Mounting Kit – Standard

New Zinc Plated set of two brackets complete with hooks and bolts & fitting instructions. Read More...
Price: $143.00

New Neoprene Cover

New ATV LIFEGUARD Neoprene Quality Cover, with heavy duty XLOCK Zip Read More...
Price: $148.00

ATV Lifeguard

The "Lifeguard" is a segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider. It is designed to hold up a Quad in excess of 350kg and can be simply mounted to the rear carrier. Read More...

LED Flashing Light

Bright LED flashing light, sewn into both sides of a Red Neoprene sleeve that simply zips around the top of your 'LifeguardĀ®'. It can be wired direct to your Quad's battery as it has its own On/Off switch. Also it can be left on while your Quad isn't running, and won't drain your battery due to the low AMP's of LED's. Brilliant safety feature, and adds a bit more 'bling' to your 'Lifeguard'. Read More...
Price: $195.00

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