“Well I have had my first experience rolling a quad bike. I have installed your life saver roll bar for just over 1 month now. I had my mother bring over the roll bar at the start of February 2013 which I hear would have been the very first sold.

I have a 500cc Honda quad which I bought last year and have had for around 5 months and it has already done around 4000km, as the farm I own and lease is large we use the quad all day every day. I never experienced a quad roll on me before and I can surely say if I didn’t have this roll bar and how it is formed I would either be dead today or in hospital.

What I was doing before it rolled was looking at 11pm at night on my farm for the neighbour’s horse which had escaped. As part of my farm has an elevation of 140m to 200m above sea level it is dangerous in some parts. I was coming down a narrow stock track which is rough and un-level and steep standing up on the quad travelling around 30km / hour with a spot light in my left hand and my right hand steering.

I dodged to the right to miss blackberry which was hanging over the track but only to clip the right front wheel on the bank pulling the steering in my right hand towards me causing the bike quickly to flip downhill to the left, throwing me off in the direction it was about to roll. I rolled off crouching on the ground knowing the bike was coming next, the life guard supported the back end of the bike in the air as it rolled in the pitch black darkness over top of my head and back slightly squashing me underneath.

After it rolled over me it landed back on all four wheels still running. No damage to the bike as on the front I have mounted a plastic carry box which saved the handle bars from being bent. As in the past we have mounted the “T” bar on our quads I feel the bike that night having one of those would have landed on me pinning me to the ground and potentially crushing me under it, especially dangerous at that time of night with no one knowing where you are and living alone.

I say thank you for a great product which has allowed me to keep farming and learn from my mistakes without serious consequences.

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