When the Lifeguard came to the market at the beginning of 2013, I knew I needed one..

As I ride a Quad Bike a lot, for hunting and general recreation, I have had many close shaves, and knew that one day it could be a bit more than just close shave..

After installing it at the end of January 13, the Lifeguard has more than paid itself off. I’ve had a number of slow unexpected rollovers on terrain that wasn’t very steep at all, and although the Lifeguard didn’t hit me, it stopped my bike from rolling further, and soaked up the impact, and helped protect the bike the carrier where it was mounted is still in perfect shape. It didn’t slow me down or make it hard to get off when the bike did roll, which initially I thought it might.

My previous thoughts that a Roll-Bar was more dangerous are now gone after using the Lifeguard it is really a revolutionary piece of kit, and I’m stoked something like this is now available.

Awesome. I Have It.

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